I'm Roman Tikonov

Senior Android Engineer

I am a software engineer since 2011 with 7+ years of experience in Android App Development, passionate about building mobile apps.

During my career I worked on large-scale international apps with millions of users.

In my recent projects I took a consulting role to complete challenges like:

  • Audit of existing code
  • Modernizing the app tech stack
  • Tackling quality/stability/performance issues
  • Setting up automated build/test/release pipeline
  • Coaching junior developers

I was happy to introduce modular application architecture, set up efficient development processes (git flow, code reviews, CI) and advise on new tools to address business needs (A/B testing, analytics, performance monitoring). I also worked on decreasing technical debt and improving the stability and performance of the apps.

I enjoy making Android apps that work like a charm and are loved by users.

Some of my skills

Android SDK & Android Platform
Android App Architecture
RESTful API Design
Continuous Integration & Delivery
Automated Testing

My clients


I contributed to a native Android app of the largest online bank in Germany:
- Streamlined and updated a customer onboarding flow
- Improved accessibility
- Consulted on material design guidelines.

IBM Deutschland

Lead developer of a greenfield Android app in a healthcare sector:
- Interviewed developers and assembled an Android team
- Discussed and defined an app architecture
- Implemented several app modules.

Eurowings Digital

I worked on the Eurowings end-customer Android app and had my focus on following topics:
- Introduction of Clean Architecture
- Migration from Java to Kotlin
- Accessibility.


As a senior Android dev, I contributed to the following topics:
- Modernising tech stack
- Improving app performance and memory footprint
- Migration to a new DI framework.


My responsibilities included:
- Modernising tech stack of an Android app
- Introduction of modular app architecture
- Coaching junior developers.


A complete rework of a legacy B2C app:
- App architecture, introducing DI, automated testing, continuous integration
- Migration to Kotlin
- Coaching junior developers.


Co-founder / CPO / Lead Android Developer:
- Conceptualisation, user flows, wireframes, graphical design of mobile apps
- Implementation of Android apps, from zero to launch
- Product ownership of web apps in a Scrum-based setting.


Scrum-based development of native Android applications. Guidance for junior developers.


Co-founder / Android Developer:
- Development of Android apps using agile methodologies
- Project management, requirements engineering, UI prototyping, implementation.


  • Roman needed next to no time to become productive in our (huge & legacy) codebase. His structured and proactive way of working and the passion for his job helped the team tremendously. Roman is now for us the reference that all future freelancers will be measured by. If you can hire him, do it!

    Alexander Bach AutoScout24, Engineering Manager Mobile
  • Roman is not only dedicated and motivated but also an inspiring professional. In my role as Mobile Tech Lead at MediaMarktSaturn, I perceived Roman as an efficient and proactive software engineer. He is a very responsible person in all aspects of his work - goal oriented and intelligent perfectionist. He is a true asset to any team and company.

    Manuel Fenkl MediaMarktSaturn, Mobile Tech Lead
  • Herr Tikhonov ist sehr engagierter, motivierter, verantwortungsbewusster und zuverlässiger Mitarbeiter. Seine Arbeitsergebnisse sind, auch bei wechselnden Anforderungen und unter schwierigen Bedingungen, von höchster Qualität.

    Sebastian Kraiker optile GmbH, VP Programm Management
  • Herr Tikhonov erledigte die ihm übertragenen Aufgaben stets zu unserem vollsten Zufriedenheit. Er zeigte stets Initiative und erledigte seine Aufgaben stets mit großer Sorgfalt und Genauigkeit. Durch seine selbständige und eigenverantwortliche Arbeit hat er stets sehr gute Arbeitsergebnisse erziehlt.

    Markus Junginger greenrobot, CEO
  • Roman is accurate and thorough in his work, pays attention to detail and manifests readiness to go beyond what is required. A number of projects were completed with great success under his supervision.

    Vladimir Makeev SurfStudio LLC, CEO

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